Section 128 Check

The Section 128 check checks the names of individuals who have been barred from taking part in the management of any independent school (including academies and free schools), under the terms of a direction made by the Secretary of State for Education.

APCS provide a certificate to indicate the check has been completed and you can then enter the dates of the check on your single central record (SCR).

APCS will then carry out the checks on your behalf. Section 128 requests received before 2.30pm will normally be processed within the same working day. Any orders received after this time will be processed the next working day. As soon as the checks have been completed, you will received your results certificate via email. Alternatively, we offer the Fast Track scheme which will guarantee the result is provided within 2 hours of receipt of the order if made between 9am-3pm weekdays (excludes Bank Holidays)

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