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APCS specialise in processing disclosures; offering a dedicated, highly efficient and cost effective service from individuals and small business owners, to major public and private sector companies, organisations and recruitment agencies. We have been processing disclosures since criminal record checks first began in 2002. Our client base has grown significantly over the years and boasts numerous major UK companies and organisations

A full range of our services can be found on our main site http://www.criminalrecordchecks.co.uk for a more in-depth insight into out company and services, alternatively call us on 0845 643 1145 (local rate) or 0151 638 6158 (mobile friendly number) for a friendly, no obligation chat.

Employer Requested Disclosures


Individual Basic Disclosures

If your employer has given you a UserId for a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure or your UserId contains the letter 'B' which means that they have asked for a Basic Disclosure, then click the button below to submit your application for the required disclosure.


If you are an Individual, you can apply for a Basic Disclosure for yourself by clicking the button below to start your application.